SMA Angel Bethany


March 9, 1997 – September 19, 1997

Bethany Ann Irvine

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If I had the eyes of God
And looked upon these children of the sod,
With all their pain, hurt, and woe,
Caused by my ancient evil foe,
I’d weep at their struggles and their pain,
Until my tear drops flood the earth with rain.

If His people saw His eyes
They’d know He’d never told them lies.
There’s just a different time, you see,
Between His world and you and me.
The sick will heal, the dead will live
This is His promise to you I give.

If His eyes are on the sparrow,
How much more us, of bone and marrow!
And when He needs to choose,
A life of pain or chance our faith to lose,
He’ll risk all our doubts and fears,
To dry and wipe our little Bethany’s tears.

Grandpa Mike Irvine